How To Get Official Hero Wod From Crossfit?


Is there any way to get an un-official point set for the WODs from crossfit? I know they won’t let competitors use them in competition, but is there any way to get a copy of the same workouts we do at our box for my son’s high school team? Or if not, can anyone tell me how to create un-official versions myself and what software I would need??

———- Forwarded message ——————–From: Matt Milstead <*****@*******.com>Date: Fri, Feb 15, 2014 at 9:31 AMSubject: [crossfit] [prozacfree] [email protected] [email protected] : “Official Hero Wod”Thanks Becca! Pretty sure they make downloadable .fiaxes on their site too (which fit athletes who compete in regional competitions; we don’t hold many regional meets). Keep us posted with your progress & experience.Matt From: “Jody Callahan”jody_wod@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx To: crossfit@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Date: Thu, Feb 14, 2014 at 10:22 PMSubject: Official Hero WodHi Everyone!We have been looking through the official hero wod files but have run into a problem. You have these athletes competing in different divisions or community events…they cant get access to the exact workout used……I am hoping you can direct us toward where we can find downloadable .f

Are Women Peeing When They Lift At Crossfit?

I suppose it depends on the workout. If you are doing a met-con style WOD with rest periods in between each set, then yes, you will push yourself to the limit. That’s kind of the point of Crossfit. You’ll try your absolute best until you can’t do any more, and when that happens it’s time to go straight into the next metabolic interval. The important thing is not to focus on whether or not you pee when lifting at crossfit classes, but rather focus on making sure that when you start your next round that your body is ready for another round. A lot of people have told me above “Having peed since my last WOD” so I think there my be something they are missing…otherwise most places they work out say something similar about having peed before hand:(

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how to get official hero wod from crossfit?


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