How To Find Out When My Crossfit Certificate Expires?

Dear members,

The membership of our program is time-limited, which means that it comes to an end at a point in time. You might have multiple certificates but only the most recent one will appear on your online profile. Certificate expiration dates are marked on the certificate itself and can be found on previous certificates of previous athletes too. If you don’t see yours there already, remember that your automatic email subscription had made it available for renewal.

You can exchange your expired or expiring certificate for another one by logging in to the online store with the same e-mail address used for purchase (if no e-mail was sent during purchase, send us an e-mail or call +49 (0) 6077 708306). Or let us know if you want to upgrade!

We hope this helps clear up any confusion about certificates and extensions while supporting our mission to “Make Gymnastics Fun!”

How Much Does Going To The Crossfit Games Cost?

The cost of applying to the Crossfit Games varies according to many factors. The most important factor is fitness, not age. If you are in top physical shape and want to compete, it will be cheaper than if you are out of shape or old enough that you think this may be your last shot at the Games. However, no matter what level of fitness you have at the time, we can ensure that we put together a coaching package suitable for your needs and budget. The cost will vary depending on: Your skill level (initial application fee) How successful we think your preformance will be (unlikely success fee) The amount and location of our private training sessions (minimal contribution for private training sessions) How To Contact Chris For Coaching Appoinments Click Here

Can Katrin Davidsdottir regain ‘Fittest Woman on Earth’ title?

how to find out when my crossfit certificate expires?


Three-time conqueror Katrin Davidsdottir has set her sights on reclaiming the title she first dabbled with as an 11-year-old. The Icelandic athlete battled through a knee injury to win the women’s 55kg category at last month’s Decathlon World Championships in Poland, but that wasn’t enough to see off retired three-time winner Yelena Shatilova and Finnish judoka Aleksandra Tsarukaeva. Davidsdottir admits it will be tough; she made it 16 years between world champs after winning gold at both events in 2001 and 2002. “It is going to be hard,” the 34-year-old told AFP ahead of November’s World Masters Athletics Championships in Finland. “They are all very strong athletes.” But Davidsdottir said she hopes to make weight for continued competition. That could potentially open up another opportunity for gold, even though this year’s games are not held until Arnhem in the Netherlands next July – which means she would have five months spare training time before making it back on to the competition table.