How To Find Out If My Crossfit Coach Is Really Certified?

The answer may be a surprising one! Here’s how I did it:

I searched Google for “CrossFit Certification” and saw that there are several organizations offering certification. But obviously, I wanted to be sure I was certified from the World’s Best Fitness Organization. That’s when I found the CrossFit Affiliate Guide on The Amazon website contains all of Official WOD Programs from various affiliates each year for purchase or download, except 2010 which is still available in Amazon store only.

Here’s where it gets tricky though because Amazon won’t allow crossfitcourses & other programs to be imported into Excel, but they will give you data files that you can then import into a spreadsheet program like Xls or Xlsx (the best way to apply this is with Excel 2000 (hasa better version of the WOD), 2007 & 2010). Since most affiliates don’t update their list of approved courses every year that might become an issue for some affiliates later on down the line. You could always send your affiliate course list(s) to your affiliate info company instead (google is your friend here too). So find out who YOUR affiliate is by checking out these links …..simply go one step at a time comparing them all to make sure they are identical across ALL affiliate directories not just those listed above. If you see any discrepancies please post them here so they can be fixed

What Kinda Of Test Do The Crossfit Athletes Take To See If There Eating Right?

Crossfit doesn’t do a lot of testing. They have some pretty intense workouts that test your body, but mostly it’s just about getting into the gym and being tough as hell with each day as you train. I would imagine most companies who do this kind of training base it basically on journal entries from their clients so they can notice if there eating too much or not enough. My favorite thing to do is eat a lobster feast right before my workout, but those aren’t so common in corporate culture haha. For what it’s worth though all of our coaches look at our data and critique us on things like how often we entered the gym, prepped meals ahead of time, etc. It’s really important that you take care of yourself physically and mentally because these folks are going to be looking after everything else for you!

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how to find out if my crossfit coach is really certified?


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