How To Enter Your Score For The Crossfit Open?

The gym I was at, like I said earlier, doesn’t have a set time for WODs. We do the standard 3x5k run and then we do burpees as many times as we want between now and anyone’s “turn” to demonstrate the workout. So someone will start doing burpees and everyone else just kinda bounces around until they’re done. If you don’t finish fast enough for your particular group or class that day then it doesn’t really matter because no one’s gonna count your reps anyway.

With all the variation in different classes and gyms,how is it possible to compare scores?

I’m guessing there was probably at least 1 judge there who came from a very competitive background (the type of person who would consider doing something called an open). They should have been able to detect any irregularities quite easily without too much trouble… but if they were not able to come up with anything wrong than I’ll give them a thumbs up. It gives me a bit more confidence knowing that things were fairly manipulated properly 🙂

When Will The Workouts Take Place Crossfit Games 2017?

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CrossFit® German Throwdown Semifinal

how to enter your score for the crossfit open?


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