How To Efficiently Complete Crossfit Pet Rock Wod?

Hi, I was wondering how to get my workout done in the shortest time possible. Is there an efficient way to crossfit and how many times a week should you do so? Also, what should be your goal: total weight gained or total calories burned for the day? I am currently 17 weeks pregnant and want to start seeing what baby’s strong… Read More »

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How long does it take for a person who is not very athletic but just working out regularly with proper dieting into shape..finish finish the most efficient of much time would it take someone that was once obese no problem digginei… Read More »

How To Do The Twelve Days Of Christmas Crossfit?

Crossfit is a must-do for anyone who is serious about their health and fitness. These workouts are challenging and you can do them throughout the year as long as you don’t fall off the wagon. The stay warm theme has been added to help keep everyone motivated towards completing all twelve days of Christmas! Exercises: Weighted pull up & squats Tips: Do a set of 5-8 reps for every exercise once a week, at least twice if you have time. Choose weights that feel difficult but don’t rest until you fail – just stop using weight too quickly to avoid injuries . Then repeat sets until no more goes up or down in reps or weight used, whichever comes first. If any exercises become easy repeat another set as your warm up workout so muscle memory kicks in from doing those two exercises regularly for months each week, saving you from having to remember anything during your main workout!


how to efficiently complete crossfit pet rock wod?


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