How To Do Crossfit At Home With No Equipment?

Breaking news: It turns out that it is not all that difficult to crossfit at home. Check out these five easy movements! 1) Regular pushups are a great beginning for beginners to begin their movements … Read More »

Which workout should i do? The best way to get your muscles ready for your next workout is by doing the Upper Body Exercises section of this site BEFORE you complete any other sections. The workouts are designed very sequentially so that … Read More »

Why are there no back stretchers in CrossFit EZ Barbell Between sets with any weight, I like using the 20″ barbell and having someone do an Indian hangs on each end (one with a rope in each hand). We then also do … Read More »

How To Watch The 2019 Crossfit Open Announcement?

We’ll be streaming the 2019 CrossFit Open Announcement live from Santa Cruz, California. You can catch it at any time here: Watch Live Video of The 2019 Crossfit Open Announcement! When Will The 2019 Crossfit Open Be Broadcast? If you want to see when the clock is going to start in real-time,. you can join our official Facebook group and stay up-to-date on all of our announcements. This year is no different, we will have a live countdown clock that starts with a team announcement right before 8 AM Pacific. We will also reveal which Affiliate has been crowned the 2017 Regional Champions soon after opening ceremonies end. We may even tease a little bit more about this year’s games by showing an interesting video or handing out some cool swag! You can be part of it with us! Check back for everything going down so you don’t miss a minute.

The 2020 AGOQ

how to do crossfit at home with no equipment?


Global Conference is being hosted by Université Paris-Saclay in cooperation with the German Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), supported by global partners from Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland and the UK. The annual conference will bring together over 4,000 senior level executives from business and academia to cover a diverse range of themes including: Global trends in climate change policy and impacts; Drivers behind sustainability challenges; Sensitivity analysis for mitigating impacts on natural capital / ecosystem services; • New approaches to biodiversity conservation that go beyond nature reserves. The pioneering work of GIZ’s “Green Informatics” initiative should be a prime example of this approach. Continue reading →