How To Do Crossfit And Be A Nurse?

LizBeth Kaye March 26, 2013 11:24 AM Hi everyone – I’m new to the “CrossFit” world and am so excited about it! All my friends at work are doing it, but I’ve heard different things. On one hand, they say CrossFit is very hard/ grueling…on the other hand they say that all you do is perform exercises until your muscles hurt. Is there something else that isn’t being said? What about nursing student interested in CrossFit? Do they care if I wear my scrubs/panties to do it? Also has anyone got any good recommendations for me when trying the classes…? Thanks!

Tess Burtress March 26, 2013 8:35 PM LizBeth Kaye Try an affiliate with “Crossfit Connection”. It’s like karate but more athletic… oh wait…jokes on me…lol Here’s a link

Suceess In Crossfit What It Can Really Mean?

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Crossfit in a Nutshell

how to do crossfit and be a nurse?


No matter how fit you are, you can always improve–whether it’s by changing your workout or mindset. We’ll show you the basics in the following 3 installments. You’re Not Alone It doesn’t happen overnight–and maybe never will–but gradually most of us find that we want to move more and lift heavier things with our own two hands. That’s why in times like these, when there seems to be so much weight on our shoulders, it can be easy to feel stuck or frustrated. But rest assured, the outlook is bright! If what you need right now is support from a community of people who are also on their own fitness journey, check out our forum filled with strength-based conversations about anything and everything fitness!