How To Choose Good Suplements For.My Crossfit Workout?

Hey I have been Crossfit for about three months now. It’s pretty fun becuase you are always working out with people that are just as into it as you are. The thing I love most about crossfit is the community that comes together to support each other. There are so many events and competitions that go on all year round and there’s usually something on every week (it’s like a big family) and even if it wasn’t your favorite, everyone supports one another anyway.

As far as workouts go, we only do the WODs (strength/cardio/recovery) twice a month which really isn’t too bad because I can still keep track of my progress as well as having more days off from working out than some people who feel they need to start training more frequently. I am kind of new to these WODS…What should I be doing?

How May Members Does A Typical Crossfit Gym Have?

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Top 10 CrossFit WODS that Can be Done at Home | Home Workout

how to choose good suplements crossfit workout?


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