How To Build Your Own Crossfit Workout Schedule?

How is this for an inspiration?

CrossFit, simply put, is the best exercise in the world. If you think it can’t be done or even if you think you aren’t up to doing it…you are wrong. I’m here to tell you that although CrossFit seems difficult and intense at first, once your body gets used to it, everything changes. I thought walking through the gym without holding onto anything was cool but walking through with no shoes on? That’s just insane!

If you want to start out small then take my advice and go slow. Start by remembering The Fittest Man On Earth quote: “You mustn’t compare yourself to others”. We all have different goals for ourselves so why settle for less than what we really want? You need time; make sure that when you start getting into better shape there isn’t something else taking place which will hinder or discourage your success like work, school/classes/etc… Believe me when I say your life won’t be much fun if all of sudden one day comes around (like last week) where after feeling great about yourself all week long crossfit pushes you over the edge causing one big crash and burn situation that will leave everyone talking behind your back like “What happened?” Don’t let people see weakness in yourself because they’ll use it against you (and trust me they’re not too far off).

Don’t believe me? Then try it out! It can be intimidating

Should You Take A Day Off For Rest When Doing Crossfit?

(Keithp) Having been a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer for 3 years, I’m always asked the same question: Should you take a day off for rest when doing Crossfit? In this blog post, I’ll try to help answer that question in an objective way. I do however recommend you use your own knowledge to decide whether it is truly worth taking one or two days off when training at The Rack. There are many considerations when making this decision including personal health history, past workout performance and well-being along with lifestyle factors such as work schedule. At times it might be hard to surprise yourself out of the rut in which The Rack has put you by choice/lack of choices!


how to build your own crossfit workout schedule?


In order to make this workout as close as possible to the real deal, we’re going to be doing a classic “two-part” WOD a series of exercises that increase in intensity and drill focus. The first part will be four rounds of five minutes each – 30 Jumping Jacks, 40 Sotruss Pushups, 40 Bicycle Crunches, 50 Inchworms. That should take you about 10 minutes all together. The second part will be about 4×4 WODs for time: 15 Thrusters at 100 lbs., 20 Pullups at 115 lbs., 25 Chest-to-bar Pullups at 95 lbs., and 31 Burpees over 90 seconds. You want to finish those in under 90 seconds! Once again, these are just guidelines – work your own times if you can or stop sooner than I suggest if it’s too hard for you. Try to go as fast as you can while maintaining form! Start with these first since they WILL make your muscles burn like crazy (most importantly your legs!). They could also kick up the pain level because they really do work pretty well during the initial sets…that means they’ll probably hurt even more after you finish them off! If by chance one of them begins feeling easyish by the end of five minutes (which I doubt because I used 95lbs), then jump down and move on immediately once you switch over to the burpees and pullships