How To Build A Massage Practice In A Crossfit Gym?

In my opinion, you can certainly build a massage practice in any type of gym. In fact, I’ve been coaching crossfit gyms as a certified trainer for over five years now. When I first started coaching people at these gyms, I didn’t even have a license—but it works!

What if your typical client won’t go to a gym? Then I recommend starting with someone whose health plan covers physical therapy and who is willing to pay out-of-pocket for the sessions. Ask them questions to find out what goals they have that could benefit from an appointment—and then just stick to those goals for the time being. As you establish your reputation as a great therapist who clearly knows what she is doing, thankfully often the health insurance companies will reimburse their customers monthly visits to massage therapists outside of their group practices or local clinics. Or perhaps they are paying on “a case by case basis” (such as with Medicare). It took me about two years of working on referrals until I was reimbursed by insurance companies more than $7000 every month just in private practice income! And that was good news because it allowed me to quit my job and pursue full-time massage therapy work immediately thereafter while still maintaining some clients through employer groups and mutual funds (great peace of mind) so I could keep up on some additional demands required of my full-time work schedule during this early phase in establishing myself as an independent practitioner

How M,Uch Do Crossfit Plates Weigh?

Most of the plates we sell on this site and on Amazon weigh between 1.8 and 2.2 lbs (1 and 1/4 kg) depending on size, so there is some pretty huge differences here! That makes it hard to give a definitive answer, but it appears as though those $20 dollar plates do NOT weigh as much as some high priced ones do! It also looks like some manufacturers are “rounding up” their weight ratings – that is they remove a few grams from the total – which can make a big difference in how heavy a plate weighs! All told, I think the expensive plates provide closer to what many would consider “just right”. If you’re looking for more of an answer, check out our guide here: What Weights Are Busted? There might be differences in individual weights from brand to brand or even item to item, but this chart should give you an idea of general ballpark ranges!

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how to build a massage practice in a crossfit gym?


The key to success is finding what works for you. Every athlete has different needs, but the common thread among them all is that they want to be the best possible version of themselves. At CrossFit Iron Pelican, we recognize that every individual is unique and challenges are specific for each person. We seek to inspire confidence through constant improvement in our community of athletes through high intensity training focused on recruiting, instructing and motivating individuals who are committed to being their best selves. We serve as a resource for your athletic, fitness or other training needs by offering professional coaching services at affordable rates with top-notch physical therapy equipment including weight stacks, TRX suspension equipment and other machines available for use. If you have any questions about our programming or need additional assistance please don’t hesitate to reach out!