How To Balance Teaching, Coaching, And Crossfit?

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Why Dont The Top Crossfit Athletes Register For The Open Until The Last Minute?

I recently read an article by one of the top Crossfit coaches in the world, CTC. He said that most Crossfitters are waiting until the last minute to register for the Open just so they have a chance at qualifying for Regionals. Seriously? 50% registered within 2 weeks is pretty damn impressive! I’ve never seen anything like it! Why is there such buzz around this competition with so many people trying so hard? Why is everyone waiting till the last minute? It reminds me of old-school MMA gyms where trainees would be required to attend class everyday after school even if their training was 100% done. If you want to impress your trainer or your gym owner during 12 days straight then you better bleed, sweat and pound that bag till throwing up every morning before work! Most are probably thinking all this about me right now but I promise it isn’t my intention in writing these words. This is all true Dads out there who push your workouts harder than any professional athlete competing. We pack our bags, hit the road early Saturday mornings with hopes of having adequate time before driving home on Sunday nights to make two meals with nothing left over for dinner or snacks for work Monday morning via Subway or Dunkin Donuts… And maybe even sneak some leftover chicken into our backpacks while running into class that night on occasion… I know it will get easier when kids stop breaking things in my house though….

Details about  Missile Crossfire R/C Alpha 27 1987 Hasbro GI Joe Vintage Action Figure

how to balance teaching, coaching, and crossfit?


Missile Crossfire R/C Alpha 27 1987 What i got to say about this figure, well first of all if you are looking for a GI Joe Missile Crossfire Vehicle, then it is the one for you. This TMNT action figure was made by Hasbro in 1987 and it stands nearly 7 inches tall. If you are familiar with the figures back then they were long, boxy and very blocky making them feel more like war toys poses minus the costum tailoring. But let’s talk about the attention to detail on this particular action toy release. The paint job looks stunning especially when compared to other vintage vintage figurines from that statement. I really do enjoy the artwork of Leonardo turtles and he kind of got his on this missile cross fire variant as well as his brothers we have Raphael and Donatello playing some sort of game together on land or sea ground or something like that . And aside form those three characters we also had some Foot Ninja teaming up as seen here on top during some dramatic clouds crossing ending scene ending. Overall if you’re a TMNT fanatic than this is one must have addition to your personal collection just at $10 plus shipping fees not bad price for such an awesome vintage collectible !