How To Balance Olympic Lifting Days And Crossfit?

you should start doing both. like i said you can do olympic lifting on crossfit days but it wont be optimal for your training if you follow this routine. i recommend doing one of the following things:

on your olympic day do an average of 3 sets per exercise (lifting or running) and leave at least 45 min between each set. then just run/walk to get back to the gym in time for another 90 min session

or do all 6 exercises but only last 2 sets per exercise(lifting OR running) do these sets different than normal so that after each set you’re struggling a bit because by this point your muscles are very tired. again, leaving 45-90 mins between each set would be best imo

How To Know If A Crossfit Gym Is Safe?

How Do I Know If A Crossfit Gym Is Safe? Finding an awesome place to work out is difficult enough. You want a workout that’s going to push you hard, but not break your body down. Plus, you want a good social atmosphere where friends can workout together and build each other up during each session… But how do you know which gym meets these needs? It’s not always easy finding the right workouts or seeing everyone on a regular basis! Read more » How To Fight Lactose Intolerance In The 21st Century How To Fight Lactose Intolerance In The 21st Century Many of my most successful clients discover that their digestive woes stem from lactose intolerance. It’s true – most people don’t eat dairy because they think it will make them bloated and gassy…but this isn’t completely accurate. Read more »

The No-Equipment Bodyweight WOD You Can Do Anywhere

how to balance olympic lifting days and crossfit?


In case you haven’t checked out my latest book, Hard Volume: 100 Hard and Heavy Gains You Must Make and Keep for Life (check it out here—I guarantee you’ll need this book once you get to read it), one of the chapters is about no-equipment bodyweight workouts. And, what I like to call “daily hards”. You see, many people—especially those who don’t do heavy strength training, or other sports that require a ton of athleticism—find it incredibly tough to stick with a regular gym schedule because they always neglect their physical fitness without really giving it much thought. But, what if we introduced an exercise routine that forced us to do something we enjoy and take part in? How would our workout sessions fare against the usual gym “sittings” we might be used to? What about our rest periods? What about how motivated we are throughout each session? Of course there are countless reasons why someone shouldn’t get into paleo/hardcore strength training (and how few males get into serious lifting anyway). The biggest reason is that I believe all men should be doing some sort of high-intensity activity or throwing PUSH behind their long suffering abs every day. It doesn’t have to be in the form of running marathons or sparring against another man in a cage fight in Thailand though. If your concern is losing your shirt