How To Adjust Diet To Compensate For Calories Lost In Crossfit Workouts?

by Jeremy C. Cline | April 26, 2017 9:25 am

Anyone who has completed a CrossFit benchmark workout knows about the intensity of their workouts and how quickly your energy level drops. You’ll also know that your body uses more calories than you burn during high-intensity exercise – even though these high-intensity workouts don’t last very long – and will need to take this calorie deficit into account when dieting. The average woman burns 2810 calories per day through low-intensity activity, according to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and just 3551 calories per day through high intensity exercise if moving at a moderate pace for an hour[i]. This means from now until mid-June, when I start my typically endurance training program as part of my team for our competitions, I should be looking to consume 2000+ less calories per day because I’ll be doing much more high intensity work in those months. Furthermore, since extra lean body mass is often stored as fat around the midsection before upper body muscles become larger it could affect how well my extreme interval training shakes up my weight/strength figures too! With this in mind here are some tips on adjusting your nutrition plan to compensate for the loss of muscle mass brought about by intense CrossFit WODs without seeing significant weight or strength loss[ii]: Increase protein intake[iii]

Typical protein recommendations range from 0.8g up to 1.5

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This Sunday, Rogue Crossfit will host their annual invitational with 30 teams from across North America vying for a chance to prove themselves on the national stage. This year promises to be no different as two of the top contenders include the Dark Sided team and one of Canada’s most competitive franchises – Black Swan Exos. Both teams have been neck-and-neck through our series thus far, and they are sure not to disappoint this weekend. You can catch all of this action on Twitch with Ayrton Fong hosting from 12pm EST this Sunday, December 4th! Follow us on Twitter @GosuGamersHotS for more Heroes of the Storm news and coverage from around the world.

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how to adjust diet to compensate for calories lost in crossfit workouts?


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