How To Add More Cushion To Reebok Crossfit Shoes?

I have owned my Reeboks since their inception. They are now, at 8+ years old (I’m 43), the best pair of shoes I’ve ever owned. My heel is starting to make a bit of noise and causing some pain but other than that I couldn’t be happier with them! How do you add more cushion to these?

How long do running shoes last? Just bought a new pair of sneakers…which seem to fit okay…but they feel quite narrow. The Nike’s fit me fine so I guess if it gets much narrower, it will be time for buy another shoe! How long should they last before wearing out? Thanks! 🙂

How Do The Crossfit Nano 8 Size Compares To Other Nano?

The Crossfit Nano 8 is the smallest cross trainer on the market. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s not comparable to others. It has an extremely small footprint compared to other nano cross trainers (12″ x 22″). This makes it easier for you to travel with your Crossfit Nano 8. With over 15 years invested in manufacturing different brands of cross training equipment, we know what it takes for a product to stand out in the market. The look and shape of the Crossfit Nano 8 are unique! Others may now follow suit but you can be sure that ours will serve as inspiration for many future generations of Nano products. We strive towards excellence every time we create something even if our designs aren’t completely original, but our commitment to serving all health-conscious individuals who seek real change with their workouts makes us proud every minute of the day! If you want more unique designs than any other band or non-banded exerciser on the market, then check out our full line at

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how to add more cushion to reebok crossfit shoes?


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