How Strong To I Need To Be To Crossfit?

so my question is, im not trying to brag here, but ive been lifting weights since i was 18 years old. i started with bodybuilding type training and never quite found a sport that suited me. now im about 40 years old and have lost all of the muscle mass i had when i was younger.

i’ve tried powerlifting, metcon, olympic lifting are these dead lifts i need to start doing? what else should be done if theres any one thing they could offer that would help me out. is it better to compete in crossfit or powerlifting?

So far I have done kettle bells which have helped me gain some strength back plus shape up my arms for nothing but atleast something

How Do You Know A Guy Does Crossfit He’Ll Tell You Meme?

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1.9 The Lost Pyramid of CrossFit

how strong to i need to be to crossfit?


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