How Old Do You Have To Be To Start Training For The Crossfit Games?

So, I started training when I was 19 years old. In the original CrossFit methodology, you need to be a certain age before you can get certifications. Between 20 and 22 is generally considered the best time to start considering the idea of getting serious about competing. Here’s what CrossFit says:

If you are under 18 years of age, begin with a back squat and no weight. Then add 5 pounds every 14 days for a max effort at 40%. When your squat max is 275 lbs., strive for a 300-pound back squat no matter how far you have to go or how difficult it may be at that point in your training career. If you are 21-28 years old, add 10 pounds every 4 weeks for a max effort at 50%+ of your bodyweight in the deadlift, snatch or front squat exercise. For example, if your current deadlift is 400 lbs., aim for 500+lbs by four weeks from today [after] four more weeks of heavy snatches and front squats done twice weekly). At 28+, increase your maxes by 30% each week until either one meets or exceeds the criteria specified above or until 80%+ of your 1 rep max on all lifts has been reached for at least 8 straight workouts. If 10% separates you from each goal (50%, 75%, 100%) then resequence the percentages according to where they fall within this category (for example: 75/95/105%). Combine all

What Happened To Josh Bridges At The Crossfit Games?

Josh Bridges is an amazing Crossfit athlete. He is light on his feet, he finishes handstand push-ups really fast, and if you watch him put together workout after workout, there are no signs of injury. It’s truly impressive! The truth about Josh Bridges and the back injury that put him out of action for so long: it wasn’t a serious injury or anything like that at all – it was just another example of the dangers of doing Crossfit workouts without proper training and preparation before major competitions. Read more here: Photo Credit: Nathanael Hodge CrossFitters Have High Injury Rates Because They Train Without Proper Preparation

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how old do you have to be to start training for the crossfit games?


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