How Old Do You Have To Be To Join Crossfit?

-The reason why the programs are structured the way they are, is that CrossFit was created for young athletes. And because it’s designed for them to get in shape very quickly, there’s a lot of competition and its centered around just putting up your best performance and that’s not something we think our kids should worry about. By making the programs this way we help keep their minds on what they need to do instead of focusing on how good they think you might be.

Do I have to be 18 or 15 to join crossfit?

-Our minimum age is 16 but if your 13 and never been training with weights before you probably won’t last very long so we strongly recommend any athlete thinking about joining take some time off from all recreational activity so you can focus on getting stronger and healthier by following a basic strength program like CrossFit then when you feel like you want to start back into competitive events (weightlifting, powerlifting) then reach out and we will work with you appropriately!

What Did Crossfit Say About Black Lives Matter?

When activist Shaun King made a video for Black Lives Matter about the death of Freddie Gray, members of Crossfit decided to join. In his video titled “CrossFit Responds To The Movement,” King states that he received a response from them after posting the video. One member said: We don’t condone police brutality and we were shocked and offended by how quickly this post went viral and people interpreted us as saying we support it. We don’t. If we didn’t have so much respect for law enforcement we wouldn’t be here today – teaching fitness at all our CrossFit Affiliates across the country or drinking beer with you drinking buddies on Friday nights. Looks like they are only one thousand percent behind white supremacy! It must really gall them at how easily some gullible people will believe whatever race-baiting bullshit they spout off any chance they get!

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how old do you have to be to join crossfit?


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