How Often Should I Do Crossfit To See Results?

Crossfit is incredible, however, if you’re serious about seeing some results (and I mean big, strong, ripped results) it’s not the be all end all. You’ll definitely see great gains with crossfit training but that doesn’t mean you should stay at a good weight forever.

I’m only 5’2″. How much do I have to exercise? Overall, you should work out for 30-45 minutes a few times a week. Of course the amount of time and intensity of your workout will vary depending on your fitness level and how old / young you are / where you weight from. Typically though girls/ women who work out tend to be quite small so maybe aim for 30 minutes or so of intense exercise once every two to three days. If this sounds daunting try 300 push ups! It’s very intense but well worth it in my opinion because really that’s pretty much what everyone aims for whether they say it or not right? 🙂

Is it possible to put on muscle without getting huge ? Do all people naturally get big? Yes! In fact almost 90% of women go completely nuts after a single year running CrossFit as a lifestyle and never ever pick up heavy stuff again except once in awhile for those hardcore WODs which people… Read More

What Is A Good Crossfit Wod To Complement Pull-Ups?

If you are just starting out Crossfit, then I have a tip for you! Go easy on the full body workouts. They will leave you exhausted and unable to perform any other form of exercise to ward off that post-workout soreness. Do not be afraid of shortening them, but do not overdo it either. And don’t forget about your rest days! If possible try to only complete 1 or 2 difficult WODs during the week. Your muscles simply cannot recover enough in time to do it all within one week. How Often Should I Compete? Competing should remain an occasional occurrence at best if done too frequently you could end up setting yourself back by forfeiting your muscle memory or fitness gains that could have easily been made while doing other forms of exercise that are less taxing to your body (i.e., walking, biking etc.). But you always want your competition level very high! So set aside one day per trimester/quarter/year where aside from testing, conditioning exercises and boot camp work outs can be completed while competing with others whom may also be preparing themselves for their own competitions while working alongside great trainers using good technique while having fun at the same time! The following is suggested frequency during training leading up to different competitions: Trimester – 6 weeks before period 1 start date

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how often should i do crossfit to see results?


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