How Often Do People Get Injured From Crossfit?

From the days of Pat Bellino back in the day, to all of you reading this now, there is always a chance that one could hurt themselves from something they’re doing. Just like any other activity that involves moving and using large amounts of energy, there will always be an element of risk involved. Crossfit is no exception. There are 3 ways that people can injure themselves during crossfit – especially if they stick with it long enough:

1)Stress fractures – we’ve already spoke about this and I highly recommend clicking here for more info on stress fractures and how to prevent them ( YOU CAN ALSO SCROLL DOWN TO PAST THE “YOU MIGHT BE CONCERNED ABOUT…” ARTICLE FOR MORE INFO ON THIS ONE!

2)Overuse injuries – as noted above by Dave Castro, overuse injuries ARE HAPPENING NOW! This simply means sometimes we push our bodies too hard and we mess up something we don’t know we messed up yet so it accelerates into a muscle tear / joint issue. We recover from these upsets just fine even though they might take longer than usual, but obviously feel much worse afterwards because they mess things up PROPERLY! You can read more about this HERE

Beginning Crossfit How Many Times Per Week??

Posted on December 5, 2017 at 4:49 AM By Coach Keith Hastie When purchasing a home or an athletic facility, it is common for the soccer team to have the greatest say in choices. This has become more accepted over time as it seems like everyone wants to do whatever they want. This is especially true with smaller local gyms that haven’t invested large sums of money into their facilities. Due to this, these teams will often purchase equipment before anything else. If they can’t buy what they need, then they ask the CrossFit gym owners for any type of permission to use their gear (crossFit used shoes/clothing) or even full access to the gym (CrossFit memberships). The reason why these requests are so frequent is simply because people aren’t willing to invest in space until they know whether or not it will be consistently used by multiple people per day. Since many local gyms don’t have active clientele yet, there isn’t much of a differentiator between them and other gyms that already exist. So I think most coaches would agree that unless you own all the equipment yourself or live within 10 minutes away from your headquarters, leaving your facility open for others is fair game.

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how often do people get injured from crossfit?


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