How Much Weight Does It Reduce In Crossfit?

It is not my intention to argue with you. You can look it up online and see for yourself, but I will tell you what my experience has been: in Cali Crossfit we always weigh in at the gym, and we DO NOT weigh in when we compete. We KNOW the weight of each individual athlete that competes on their “RX” if they have competed before. IF YOU EVER WERE TO COMPETE A SECOND TIME HERE IN CALI CROSSFIT YOU WOULD BE A NOVICE!! We do our best to support our new athletes and help them achieve THEIR goals. If your goal was to lose weight without counting calories or measuring, then congratulations! Thats awesome! But if you want something different than that, then good luck… It takes a lot out of us Crossfitters to be supportive of one another while working towards OUR own personal fitness goals!! Sure there are times where someone might cheat their partner out of some food or money by eating more than fair shares etc… But for the most part all remaining issues are quickly resolved at the end of training time with an apology from everyone involved… Well except Mr./Mrs./Sir/Madam Noob who did get caught taking advantage 🙂 The point I was trying to make about no scale check-ins during competition is this: if cheating corrupts your life before you earned it, how much worse will it corrupt your life after?

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What Do You Do When You Get Level 1 Crossfit Certificate?

CrossFit is a brand new style of fitness that was founded by two individuals in 2000. The two founders could not have been more different. Greg Glassman was a former weightlifting champion, and the prototype CrossFitter. Joe Mathews started his career in military intelligence where he specialized in psychological operations. Although they both possessed unique backgrounds, they had one thing in common: their passion for training. They recognized early on that fitness should be enjoyable and functional, not just about getting bigger muscles to look good in shorts. What are some general rules or etiquette you should know when working out? CrossFit is used all over the world with different customs, sometimes it’s very laid back and other times it can be extremely intense but always fun! Here are some things every single person should know while at a CrossFit gym:


how much weight does it reduce in crossfit?


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