How Much Weight Do You Go Up In Crossfit?


The question matters in the moment, because none of us want to start this new fitness program thinking that you have to have a high weight in order to be successful. However, in the strictest sense, that is what our sport requires. That there are specific lifts for IPAW (injuries prevent performance) and prescribed weights for WODs (workout of the day). So how much do we go up in weight?

Generally speaking, since I started coaching 6 years ago, CrossFit has seen an explosion in popularity with over 600k people taking part each month across the globe. At the same time it is clear that not all of these people take to CrossFit with ease. Especially if they are not into typical fitness disciplines like gym or general activity classes where everyone gets through it but don’t ask too many questions about why they should do so or whether there really is any point. This isn’t helped by gyms who continue offering ‘paleo type’ diets which promise you will get super healthy while giving no explanation other than “it works for me!” So sometimes when someone tells me they joined CrossFit because their friend did or saw them on tv recently then complain that it isn’t helping them lose weight then I know I need to drop this person straight down into Level 2 right away and send them one way while firing off some very serious firebombs towards anyone else who offered an

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how much weight do you go up in crossfit?


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