How Much Should I Eat While Doing Crossfit?

What’s your favorite exercise movement workout?

How many sets do you complete of an exercise during a workout?

When I lift, whether it be i’m doing isolation exercises or compound movements, after my warmup and then all the way through to my post-workout stretch what I look for is how do I feel afterwards, does it leave me wanting more (i.e. Hypertrophy) or does it leave me feeling like shit (fatigue)? Is about 75% of the time the latter, but if not at least twice a week should be enough to make sure that I’m still getting stronger over time. What about you guys? How often do you miss lifting after crossfit?

Who Didnt Make The Cut For Crossfit Regionals?

And Why Won’t We Ever See Them Again? 🗣🗣🗣 Now, if you are wondering what I am talking about… I want you to re-watch all of the short listed athletes that made it to regionals. Then then take your list and study each athlete individually. Look at everyone one by one! If after looking at each person, you come up with an AMAZING composition of “Why” they didn’t make it, than know that there is a reason. Everyone could have done better by their standards…. but chances are very thin that they wont ever get another shot at qualifying for Westminster Regionals! There is only so much opportunity out there to qualify for regional meets! So knowing this, why would anyone be upset for not making the cut? 😐 (Which reminds me… how could any top 10 women or men who doesnt make regionals worry about qualifying?) So now the question remains… How will we actually react when someone misses Regionals? Ask Henry Sunday Presley-Gomez if he fits in here.. He woulda qualified!!! (sure its good to give credit where it’s due) Now ask yourself these two questions: Would she/he be pissed off because… 1.) She/he knew she was barely getting back into shape; 2.) She/he found out her coach was terrible and sabotaged her in some way; 3.) Her competition level


how much should i eat while doing crossfit?


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