How Much Protein Should I Eat If I Do Crossfit?

I spend most of my time spinning.

If you are spending most of your time doing sit-ups then you are probably not eating enough protein to recover from that type of activity. If you really want to do crossfit safely, I would suggest eating more than 150g of protein a day. I have found myself almost useless at times without this minimum requirement due to failing strength and muscle loss post workout, so eat more!

So, compare the amount of calories consumed with the amount used for exercise vs dieting etc and try to eat as much as possible whilst being active. Eat a well balanced meal spread over your combo meal schedule –based around complex carbs before working out then a high protein/fat mixture after training. Hope that helps.. Feel free to ask if it is still unclear what you should be doing! 🙂

What Time Is The Final Event Of The Crossfit Games?

This year the last event at The Games is scheduled to happen on Monday. The 8amAM PST start time will really help if you’re an early riser, but be warned that there are still 7 days of events ahead. You can watch all seven days of competition here in the US, or you can tune in for the action yourself over in Europe (the broadcast begins at 6am GMT). If you aren’t able to make it to Crossfit HQ because it costs too much money, then this one-hour live video stream is your next best bet. What Exactly Are The Goals Of The Competition? The overall goal of the games is simple: As many people as possible should do well. But like any sporting event with thousands upon thousands of athletes competing, there are multiple specific objectives set out by Crossfitters dedicated to different disciplines. For instance, competitors could win based on strength or body composition or fat percentages; they could run downwards into a water tank while carrying weights above their heads or use other unorthodox methods that work only within the realm of human physical abilities. Whatever means result in success should be used during competition times! Read more about each sport before heading out for one last test drive Friday night!

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how much protein should i eat if i do crossfit?


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