How Much Pize Money Do Crossfit Games Teams Get?

You can get around $38,000 for the top 6 teams in the world. That is not nearly enough to cover medical costs or plane tickets home (no matter how much money you make). You get about half of that if you are the team 9th place. If you are in 8th place, then it is just over 30% of your paychecks. All that is before taxes and health insurance! It is also before any expenses incurred training in Europe during the winter months. So just getting there isn’t free… it takes a LOT of money!

So why do they go? The US has given them everything they have ever asked for since they started the Games. A beautiful country with hot weather, lots of food options, an abundance of hotels/motels at every location, very little competition when they train at home so their minimum times don’t need be so low because their fellow athletes will beat them too easily or won’t try hard enough to keep up with elite athletes from other nations….the list goes on and on. And most importantly no one closer to home cares where they finish except family members driving them crazy with “when are you coming back?” comments 🙂

I was reading an interview with Ben Smith recently where he said something like “in 2011 I was afraid I would never see my family again”. He has been gone 6 years now but clearly doesn’t miss his homeland all that much…right?! But wait who is this guy? Why am

How Much Is A Cream City Crossfit Membership?

Cream City Crossfit is a full-time training facility that offers various programming options including nutrition, weight loss, powerlifting and other strength oriented workouts. These sessions are conducted in a challenging group atmosphere for a variety of fitness levels. Classes can be either open drop-in classes or private sessions with a limited number of spots available depending on what you wish to do. Cream City Crossfit Membership Rates: Indoor Weight Room/Workout Space: $100/month* ** You receive 48 consecutive hours within which to enjoy the center space; after 48 hours, you will pay an extra $5 per hour thereafter (i.e., 52 hours at $15 per hour).*** We ask memberships to be paid in advance (or by check if dropped off prior to the start date); payments may also be made via credit card online or at time of purchase with cash or check only. **** Some membership options require deposit then payment upon completion; please input your desired coaching program when purchasing your membership online (we’ll send you details about deposits and schedules upon receipt of your payment).

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how much pize money do crossfit games teams get?


We will definitely be coming back again, very impressed with the facilities and atmosphere! P.S. You should take up yoga! By Emma O’Reilly on 26 Dec 2018 Great gym for all…. We will definitely be coming back again, very impressed with the facilities and atmosphere! P.S. You should take up yoga!By Emma O’Reilly on 26 Dec 2018Very friendly staff – excellent ambiance/facilities Definitely recommend to others! By Tom Jones on 29 Dec 2018 Awesome place to train in great setting Found the personal training sessions very helpful & motivating, would definately recommend LA Fitness By Brendan Harrison on 01 Jan 2019