How Much Muscle Should Be Gained In 18 Months Of Crossfit?

See, you’re not in control of how much muscle you gain in crossfit.

Here’s the thing: when it comes to gaining muscle, there’s a huge difference between genetics and how hard you work in the gym. A lot of people have really long lever arms that are just naturally lucky enough to be born with really long levers. For example, I’ve added over 3 inches to my arms since starting CrossFit back in November 2014 after getting tired of doing bicep curls every day for 6 years. I didn’t hit any personal records or anything but I always felt like my biceps got bigger when ever I started lifting harder (I do feel super blessed because it only took me 6 years). The average American has about 5 inches on their arms even though they could comfortably do 495 lbs at body weight without problems. That’s kind of insane!

How Many Months Of Crossfit Before You See Change?

I was able to start seeing changes after three months of CrossFit training. That’s the longest amount of time it took for me to see gains. I’ve even heard people say that you need nine months before considering yourself truly fit! The speed at which your fitness improves is completely up to you, but try not to give up if it doesn’t happen as fast as you would like. That said, expect an incredible level of strength and functional strength in just weeks through CrossFit training. Don’t eat typical western food for at least two years after your first day because your gut has never been used to digesting those foods (or they may be bad for you). However, keep working on getting stronger with each session! You will get there every time!


how much muscle should be gained in 18 months of crossfit?


– POWER CLEAN (2XTRA) – 9:30PM KICKS OFF MACH 2.0 WORKOUT INSTRUCTIONS: If you know the power clean technique well, perform it as prescribed. If you’re new to the clean, start with a light weight and work up from there. For those just starting out, first build a base of strength first by first building a base of strength first by first gaining one rep per week for two weeks before moving onto two reps per week for three weeks. Then begin to move towards your goal number of reps after 4-8 attempts at 3 or more reps during your next workout cycles. You will only be allowed 5 attempts every session as you continue to work up in weight from last weeks effort as long as no pain is experienced on any cycle through this program