How Much Money Has The Crossfit Games Made?

Anyone who knows the history of East Bay CrossFit on Miraloma Park clearly understands that this is the first year of the games. Since 2010, there have been over $700,000 in prize money awarded to athletes this year alone! Total prizes for all 2017 events are $2.5 million! We want to continue educating our members about the financial realities of CrossFit and making sure everyone is aware of what’s happening next door at Petco Park. While you might not think “gym” when you hear “CrossFit,” keep in mind that most people don’t even know what they are missing out on by not doing it.

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How To Register My Crossfit Gym At Open Registration?

CrossFit Trainers need to be registered by the coordinator before they’re allowed to teach in an Xtreme Fitness box or gym location. This process doesn’t take long, but you will still have to pay a small registration fee per athlete who is not yet a member of your club/gym. This is the only way that the coaches at can verify safety and quality of instruction for their members in our growing community. It also helps prevent rogue instructors from teaching classes in scam boxes or gyms with less than stellar training programs for their paying customers…or worse! No one wants a Crossfit Games Athlete getting injured during a class at a scam gym, right? We know that every coach with an XF License is thoroughly vetted with rigorous background checks and questioned on their competency until we are 100% sure they meet our high standards before being granted crossfit-Xtreme-Xperience® coaching certification from us!

CrossFit Athletic Group

how much money has the crossfit games made?


(2) (N) (D) CrossFit Beast (81) (D) CrossFit Central (70) (D) CrossFit Cville-Midlothian-Walkertown VA Area (71.5)(N) CrossFit Cunnington-Kelso-Ruget Sound WA Area(40,75)(N) Open gym 1 at 8:30AM. One rep max effort Snatch/Push Press,Wall Ball 20lbs to 10ft, 5 toes to bar for 50 reps all together or rounds of 12 wall ball x20 each. Mobility WOD Rotation 2xEvery 3rd day 75 push ups & 75 situps Every other day 75 chin ups & 75 squats 200m run! Crossfit Charleston – Midlands Area(33%) Mondays and Thursdays 6:00pm @ High Point Fitness Center 4th Floor North View Room 3009 Carolina Ave Columbia, SC 29824 For more info contact Derrick Williams [email protected] Welcome Veterans Monday’s at 11am will be dedicated to Military members or their families! New Crossfit member or coming back after a break? I would love to help get started again with a proper Warmup and general coaching while learning the ropes!!! Please let me know if you’re interested in joining us at the next meeting!! We have lots of shirts and how swee … … read more