How Much Is The First Place Prize For Crossfit Games?

$75,000. In addition, all thirty top finishers will win a large cash prize in each of the remaining four events: the 50-44 division for men and women; 45-39 division for men and women; 40-34 division for men and women.

Wow that is a lot of money! Who gets to do all that crazy shit in that uniform?

CrossFit Games participants have been known to jump from climbing wall to wall outside the box, juggle heavy tires over their heads, climb through wormholes in cargo netting or run around a fire with live coals on their brows. Some even go so far as doing these things while wearing a tiny little bikini. Maybe someday I’ll be able to get my own shirt!

How many spectators watch this thing every year? Do they watch it online too? Is this just a regional thing or can I tune in from wherever I am right now? Can I REALLY afford one of those boxes outfitted with barbells on wheels if it is really THAT big?!?! I’ve gotta consider this very seriously… 11:10am on November 14th can’t come soon enough!

What Is The Difference In Wods Time Task Crossfit Programming?

With the WODS and CrossFit programming, your workouts will be structured and balanced. The structure starts with the programming and includes each day’s exercises outline in a chart. This chart gives you an overview of not only today’s workout, but also what other workouts to expect for the rest of the week after that workout (or even other weeks), such as days off or changing intensity or rep range based on what other workouts are coming up after that one time period. On top of this structure is an explanation on why certain exercises are selected vs others, how they relate together to strengthen key weaknesses, techniques used to make every effort count, drills included for specific movements/exercises (not just dumbbells like with some programs), various levels of weight lifting (with explanations as per program goals)… it is quite extensive.

how much is the first place prize for crossfit games?


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