How Much Is It To Register For The Crossfit Open?

The $275 Early Registration Fee is non-refundable. If you decide to register for the CrossFit Open after the 60-day window has closed, you will pay $425 plus applicable sales tax.

Do I need to sign up in person?

Yes! Please bring valid government issued id to the registration desk when registering. You must be 18+ at check-in to participate in any of our competitions. Powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting are both separate events based on Saturday time slots so please contact if you’re interested in trying either of these! The MN CROSSFIT OPEN is sanctioned by USA Weightlifting (USAW). For more information about USAW, visit or like their Facebook page at . We also recommend checking out www.crossfitfranklinfitnessclassfinderbothelottery . It’s available online here: http://minnesotacrossfitopencontestantinformationbooklet20142018 .

How close can I get to my heat? Is it fair if someone’s farther away than me? Can I come back later? Any other questions? Let us know!

Why Is The Squat So Important In Crossfit?

Squats Are A Crossfit Movement and the foundation exercise of Crossfit is exercising your legs and core to produce power. The bigger and stronger you are in building muscle, the higher the amount of weight you can handle during a workout. Without squats, there would be no way to build strength for exercises like Deadlift or Bench Press without mass since they are just variations of Squats with additional weight over our head. Most people have strong quadriceps but tuck their toes when doing Squats. This will not allow your glutes to fire off so it is important to keep your toes pointed out while squatting so that you correctly activate your glute muscles. The more powerful these gluts are the better off you will be!

how much is it to register for the crossfit open?


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