How Much Is A Delaware Valley Crossfit Membership?

Pricing: $50.00 per month – $550.00 per year (2 yr) or $33.33 per month over 12 months

We at Delaware Valley CrossFit are very passionate about teaching fitness and life skills to individuals of all ages. Our program is based on the philosophy that everyone can be successful, regardless of previous exercise experience or physical conditioning level. We believe this is because we take a no-nonsense approach to our programming and training routines; we simply focus on helping people become healthier and more fit by offering practical instruction in nutritional planning, cardiovascular endurance training, core body strength and mobility, as well as increasing resistance training sessions that emphasize functional movements to improve posture and reduce risk factors associated with chronic disease such as obesity and arthritis.

What If Im Fat And Out Of Shape Crossfit?

With CrossFit and weightlifting, your aim isn’t just to build muscle and lose fat. You want to gain strength so you can move the way you use to years ago or maybe even decades ago. You should work towards improving your movement patterns such as overhead presses, squats, cleans and jerk lifts. With both disciplines of weight training and CrossFit you will find there isn’t a direct comparison because they are different things which focus on different aspects of fitness. It is recommended that you complete a resistance training program whether it be with weights or kettlebells because this will increase your overall stamina as well as help improve flexibility through flexibility bands or stretchy cords. Both fitness methods have much in common but at the end of the day they do focus on different factors.

Crossfit body

how much is a delaware valley crossfit membership?


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