How Much Ice Cream Do Crossfit Participants Eat After A Workout?

The general rule of thumb is that you should have an adequate amount of fluid intake the day before your workout and at least 1 hour after your workout. If you don’t drink enough water to replenish any fluids you lose through sweat, it’s ok to drink a little more later on, but never go beyond what you could consume in an hour. Always make sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. One fluid oz is equal to 1 teaspoon for every 8 ounces of water. For example: if you decide to drink a 32oz glass of water, then drink 16oz immediately before training, and 16oz one hour after training, then that exceeds the recommendations for a good post-workout rehydration session – but this will vary from person to person depending on how active they are and how much they sweat during their workouts. You can get great info at

How Many Calories Burned In Average Crossfit Wod?

The CrossFit workout regime will always call out the calorie burn for a WOD, but how often can you expect to hit 130 calories burned in a work out? As I mentioned above, that depends on what type of person you are – if you’re less active or have more muscle mass then it’s likely going to be higher. However, body weight itself dictates how much exercise is needed – a 200lb man who weighs 130lbs would need to walk/run slightly longer than someone half his weight to average those same 130 calories burned. In general terms, these days the typical calorie target for CrossFit is between 150-200 calories burned per hour. In other words, if your heart rate defies all logic and decides to stay around 100bpm off everything else might happen as expected! Feeling uncomfortable? That means things are working! And that means you have earned over 3x as many badges as everyone else… well done!

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how much ice cream do crossfit participants eat after a workout?


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