How Much Does The Host Make Off Registration For The Crossfit Games?

Does anyone know?

JMW What, I don’t even know what the host makes off the games. Such are the travesties of capitalism that this exists. It’s not really a business decision though, it’s just that they have to pay for actual people to work at the event running things which is expensive.

I can see how there wouldn’t be much money earned from registration though. Because you have to register over a week in advance and have an entry fee individually, so I don’t think there would be much revenue gained from very little paid advertising.

Interesting counterpoint…They must receive lots of free publicity through social media tweets and facebook posts – remember all those banners on peoples’ Facebook walls? And who delivered them except their own employees?? Not one word about this weekend was written by me 🙂 If ANYTHING it will be negative coverage regarding venue issues or numbers (which complaints around recent events suggest) – but then again social media does allow for positive feedback as well also..there may be some truth to stading out roughly 1-10 hrs for last year which i think has improved since…but still there might need more staff concurrency across all sections (ie- food service etc) – but rather than complain about low wages compared with other sectors/ might make more sense to reevaluate priorities, dicuss financial realities based on analyses above before increasing hours/compensation/consider boosting participation via alternative methods incorporating content

How Should I Cover Rips On My Palms For Crossfit?

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how much does the host make off registration for the crossfit games?


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