How Much Does The Crossfit Games Winner Get?

In 2014, the grand prize was $275,000. In 2015, the grand prize was $275,000. In 2016 it’s a very exciting possibility of a whopping $1 Million! We have so many new and exciting things going on in 2016 that we have no idea what they will be yet but keep an eye out here for more details soon! On top of its incredible cash award, the winner also wins something even better… Many great prizes such as trips to various CrossFit Games across the country (and around the world) put on by USATF and other sponsors. A big congratulations goes out to this year’s winners: Camille Leblanc-Bazinet from Canada is has won over all in taking home first place at the 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games in Madison Wisconsin. Camille’s performance in Madison brought her total victories at CrossFit Games to 3 with 2 1sts and 2 2nds; she holds several records! Camille‘s victory defies expectations with such an amount of success across such a wide variety of events!! Her level of competition continues to amaze us all with her outstanding performances! Camille is NOT only our most dominant woman Athlete with amazing WOD scores thus far but she is one heck of athlete that brings both heart and grit into every movement!!! Congrats Camilla and don’t stop training hard!!!!

How Long Until I See Results From Crossfit?

If you’re an elite Crossfit athlete like many of Ben Smith’s clients, the answer is likely very soon. “It really depends on what your goals are; they can be short-term or long-term. A lot of times people come in because they want to get back into shape after a long layoff or they lost their competitive edge, and that can take anywhere from 6 weeks up to 6 months for them to recapture it. If I’m able to get someone who is having trouble getting out of poverty off food stamps within six weeks with no additional training than that, then I consider it a victory regardless of the amount of time elapsed since my last competition.” When you look at in terms of volume versus intensity, there are certain types of trainees who will benefit most immediately from switching over but with others it could take longer. It depends on when in his life he found himself in bad physical shape and when during his training career did he find himself in good physical shape—both which put him at less than optimal levels almost continuously. But he has realized how much fun Crossfit was when done right—as opposed with the enjoyment derived from alcohol or marijuana use–and so now sees fitness as something pure and reserved for those who have chosen this lifestyle anyway. He hopes that through teaching others about the benefits inherent within Crossfit fitness will help more people choose a healthier lifestyle rather than one laced with illicit substances and drug

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how much does the crossfit games winner get?


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