How Much Does It Cost To Start A Crossfit Box?

I just need to spend $2,500… and I’m pretty sure this is all the money I have. So I do not feel great about how much it will take to start a box.

It is hard for me to justify spending so much on a place where people push themselves through pain every day! But I want to be myself surrounded by good people who can cheer me on as I get stronger everyday… and I know someday that workout should become part of my job description. And we can’t forget that validation thing that comes with them cheering you on. My husband would support me whole heartedly if he knew what day-to-day was like here (and he would laugh at first and then probably want in too).

As long as those things are true, location doesn’t matter, right? Well it does raise the question… why does anyone shell out money for gym membership? For years now since 2011, my husband has been paying roughly $300 per year (not including taxes) every year for his beloved home gym at Kaiser Oakland Hills – heck yeah – KINGMAKER! And even though they have an Olympic sized swimming pool – there aren’t any lanes – just a big open space which makes the whole “gym membership” thing rather puzzling. Why pay a monthly fee when you don’t use it? Of course being from Alabama – no one really understands the whole lockers thing either

Man Who Identifies As 6 Year Old Crossfit?

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how much does it cost to start a crossfit box?


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