How Much Does It Cost To Run/Own A Crossfit Gym??

). I don’t know exactly how many people are bitten by this bug (read: addicted), but it seems like it’s an epidemic no matter where you look. Crossfit is almost synonymous with “fitness” in the minds of most people, and there is interesting online chatter among athletes that XC can be just as demanding of physical fitness, if not more so than CF. So the question begs to be asked: what does running cost? Is CF really cheaper than regular running?

I am not on any kind of financial plan for 2012, so I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to put together an approximate budget for running. The results are below. For all my data on hard costs—i.e., things like shoes/shoes+new-to-me-things/supplies—I’m only including costs incurred in 2011 due to TSS making obtaining used gear difficult after moving into our new house this summer. If you’re not broke yet already, here’s a handy chart showing how much it costs per month–and also at different paces–to run 6 miles or 60 miles per week depending on whether you train alone or in a group setting! You can click on any image below for larger versions!
How Much Does Runnign Cost Per Month
To tableReaders who can afford it may want to skim down toward the bottom of this blog post because that is where some example budgets are presented in detail if nothing else interests them quite that

What Is The Difference About Doing Crossfit And Ust Going To The Gym?

Both CrossFit and regular gym are great. There are some differences though. CrossFit focuses more on your heart rate, calorie burn, endurance, flexibility, core strength, Olympic Lifting or any other sport specific muscles. A regular gym can develop all of these things but it doesnt have the same high intensity workout that crossfit has to offer. I think that is why people like both gyms and cross fit classes because they get bored with doing the same exercises in a regular gym which i feel takes away from their personal goals (Not saying the move forward with weightlifting) It is up to you which you like better but either will work!





how much does it cost to run/own a crossfit gym??


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