How Much Does It Cost To Compete In The Crossfit Games?

For the 2012 season, the overall fee is $20,000. First place will pay $120,000 of this total while no one pays less than $80,000. So with your entry fee you are guaranteed a minimum of two games in three different events with an opportunity to participate in four or more. That is really all that matters with CrossFit Games participation. Although it might be hard to justify paying that price for just one event, increasing your potential fivefold by doing so is worth looking at both short- and long-term goals when calculating what to spend on the Games.


Entering the Crossfit Games isn’t nearly as complicated during online registration as most people make it out to be once they see some of the “how many boxes do you check” questions when they arrive on their registrar website page for payment processing. If you have not already decided which region best fits your needs based upon local competitions then there are several things that can go into consideration before making an educated decision about entering an at-large bid in Manila rather than waiting until after qualifying in LA only to potentially have everyone qualify in Regionals before you can enter Manila due to having advanced completely through Regionals in another region first.

If I currently live outside North America or Australia or if I have yet to qualify within my current given region I must first determine whether I meet all minimum standards set forth by Crossfit

How Long Till You See Gains From Crossfit?

We’ve seen tremendous gains in muscle mass, strength, and aesthetics with CrossFit due to the high-intensity training. However, it can be difficult to find your ideal fitness level after just a few months – – if you have been doing crossfit for a few years I’m sure you will have noticed that it takes longer than gym workouts for you muscles to really start showing effects. *We want to point out that at this point we do not recommend people jump into CrossFit beginners classes without being properly trained or having some sort of experience with gymnastics or weight lifting prior.*


how much does it cost to compete in the crossfit games?


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