How Much Does It Cost To Be Crossfit Cert?

Ultimate Crossfit is the only fitness certification program designed to prepare participants for entry into any of the most rigorous CrossFit gyms around the world. All these trainers are constantly in demand, yet they’re spending tens of thousands on their certifications in order to get ahead. The majority of them actually don’t even own a gym, let alone have coached serious athletes. They will be teaching you body weight movements, not Olympic lifts or gymnastics.

You can become crossfit certified with us at just $299 for 6 months access including one month free! To apply simply post your email below! We will then send you an instruction email with further details about our program and how to submit payment via the site above.

How Many People In The World Do Crossfit?

There are more than 4 million CrossFit affiliates worldwide. That’s pretty cool, and most likely a number that will increase very quickly in the coming years! What’s The Most Common Workout? The anything-goes workout is the most popular by far, followed by Olympic lifts and gymnastics movements. There was even a recent move to add strongman federation workouts (think keg throws). As with any growing phenomenon like CrossFit, you’ll see all sorts of craziness pouring out of it. For example, check out this list documenting results from “Triple Unders Fail Instantly” [1]. I don’t know how it made it into print… but also: holy shit does anyone like dudes doing pushups on the rings?! How Much Does It Actually Cost To Join A Gym?

how much does it cost to be crossfit cert?


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