How Much Does A Level 2 Crossfit Trainer Makes?

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How much does it cost to become a crossfit instructor? I’m currently an enlisted soldier and I want toget my own CrossFit gym, but first do I need to go through the NSOC (National Training Schedule) course first…. View full answer

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Crossfit How Long To See Results Weight Loss?

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how much does a level 2 crossfit trainer makes?


! Hello CrossFit Kempton! We know when you heard we were opening, you had tons of questions: How often do I have to come? What workouts can I do? Is it hard and how much does it cost? Well, we’re here to help answer any of your concerns and hopefully answer your biggest question: “Why?” We’re proud to offer an amazing workout program that pushes the limits of our athletes every single day. There is no easier way than with our Program designed for both new and experienced athletes. This class is usually around 30 minutes with a 10-15 minute warm-up and 15-20 minute dynamic effort where each athlete will be their own coach with the assistance of one spotter. If you’d like more information on the different levels CLICK HERE AND CHECK OUT THE LEVELS LISTED ON OUR TABEL!. If you find a workout that works best for you then give us a call or shoot us an email at We would love to get in touch if there’s any chance we could help out more! Also, if you have specific fitness goals, let us know about those too because we can make sure all sessions are structured from there! 🙂