How Much Does A Hex Deadlift Bar Weigh?

You should know the weight of your hex deadlift bar, and its benefits in deadlifting compared to a barbell deadlift. Also, note the differences between this equipment with the straight standard barbell. For starters, the regular hex trap bar is available in three weight variations (45 lbs, 55 lbs, and 75 lbs). The 45 lbs deadlift bar is the most popular and is relatively heavier.

The hex deadlift bar will help you get your dream body and deal with back issues. Since it features different exercises, it will help you achieve your fitness goals quickly. Besides, real muscle growth is only achieved by the progressive lifting of heavier weights, and the best tool for doing it is the hex deadlift, especially when doing squat jumps, deadlifts, bent-over rows, and more.

How much does a hex deadlift bar weigh?

Hex deadlift bar’s weight varies based on the style or manufacturer. Therefore, there is no fixed weight, and the common types include the conventional and the Gerard bars. Expect them to weigh between 30 and 70 lbs, and the Gerard model usually weighs about 45 lbs.

Trap bar or Hex bar?

Most fitness enthusiasts usually think why the trap bar is also referred to as a hex bar. Well, the two terms can be used interchangeably. The trap bar name was named after the upper fibers of the trapezius muscles, which it’s designed to train. Also, the name “hex bar” was derived from its 6-sided shape. The initial trap bar tool had a diamond shape.

What Is A Hex Bar Deadlift?

The hex bar deadlift is one of the most used equipment in the gym. It’s easy to use as you only load the barbell with some weights, keep your spine straight, grab it, and lift it. The hex bar puts your body in a position to execute a better deadlift mechanism.

It is ideal for fitness enthusiasts who want to build their muscle and strength on an average basis. They are not preparing for some stiff competition, and deadlifting is their ideal way to get their body in the right shape. Besides, hex bars offer equal weight distribution, and you can use the different sizes and shapes and allow you to capture your full-body power.

What Are the Benefits When Deadlifting with A Trap Bar?

Picking weights up, putting them down, and lifting them over and over again has many benefits to your body. And since it’s simple, you can use different deadlift variations to achieve your goals. You will enjoy many benefits by using the glutes, hamstrings, and low back.

Some of the top benefits are:

  • Doesn’t exert much stress on your back– Unlike the barbell deadlifts that exert much force on your lower back, the trap bar takes the weight closer to your Center of Gravity (C.o. G) to prevent pressure on your spine.
  • Helps Prevent Hyperextension– If you join the back and bend your back backward after getting on the top of the barbell deadlift, then will get injured eventually. Though it’s important to contract your glutes while you’re on top of a barbell deadlift, it will hyperextend the spine and result in injury.
  • Easy to Use– While using a barbell may require a few training sessions or coaching, it’s not the same for using a trap bar. It is easier to remain mobile and be in a good position while exercising with the hex bar deadlift.
  • Builds Serious Power– If you are looking to build maximum power and strength, then the trap bar is your ideal tool. It is more effective than a straight bar deadlift.

Since the hex bar ensures fair weight distribution, it makes it easier to lift heavy weights.

Due to the optimum balance when using the tool, it is rare to fall.

Which Trap Bar Should You Buy?

Your ideal trap bar will depend on your personal preferences and gym experience. And if you are a beginner, then the Gerald trap bar is your perfect choice. But if you are an experienced gym person, you should consider the extra-large bar to guide you towards your ultimate dream body.

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The trap bar or hex bars is one of the best gym bars that enable you to build strength and power with minimal injury chances. It’s a perfect tool for your gym space and delivers visible benefits and incredible results in your body.

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