How Much Do They Bench In The Crossfit Games?

the powerlifting champs don’t even bench 400 lbs at most.

Tom said on 9/Dec/11


This is my friend’s brother, he is an ex-football player/current used car salesman. Despite clearly being 5’8′, 190 was the closest height most would guess for him with his 180+ inch wingspan. He can probably bench 310-315 now with all that bulk he gained preparing for football and working out after retirement. His brother who played baseball had a similar body build but also benches over 350lbs now in the offseason.

He actually told me about this stuff before I met him so yeah, always great to meet cool people like this!

Brock said on 8/Dec/11

There are tons of guys who are 6ft5ish but have only recently started steroid use, look it up they are everywhere just look at NFL lineman they’re enormous now too, remember when they were running fast? Watch them struggle to block anything now.. Look how upright they are hunched over.. It reminds me of basketball players doing lots of jumping shots – who always hunch their back completely horizontal to the ground

KJ may be closer to 6ft4 than 6ft5 imo… But definitley isn’t shorter than Brock (who looks roughly 176cm max) or John (who reaches around half way shoulder level).. That’s 3 tall guys standing together says something

How Many Days A Week Should One Do Crossfit??

Per Virgil McDaniel you need to do at least 5 rounds of WODs (workout of the day) each week. If your goal is strength, I believe 5 rounds is sufficient. Don’t make it more than that. Each round entails roughly 30-45 minutes on the same lift if you are doing muscle ups or roughly 60-90 minutes for a body part cycle training split depending on your goals (don’t start with 10 reps and end with 1; start with 2 and end with 15). Most people will find they can only do 4 rounds per week which generally leads to overtraining within 3 weeks anyway… stick to 5…If you want to learn more check out This article about How Many Days A Week Should One Do Crossfit?? And another article about How Many Days A…Read More By Suhrob Kolesnik | November 23, 2013

CrossFit WOD 1/11/19

how much do they bench in the crossfit games?


– In this video I’m going over some of the elements of a good WOD. WOD 1/10/19 – In this video I discuss how appropriate your metabolic conditioning should be relative to your overall fitness goals. WOD 1/8/19 – In this video, we’ll cover a few new things from the Agility Ladder Competitive series as well as some lessons from TJ’s competition experience these past couple weeks. If you want those, watch those first as they will help inform my thoughts on these topics as well as offer some direct feedback on some of my techniques shown in these videos. Cheers!