How Much Do The Large Crossfit Tires Weigh?

CrossFit coach answers: the large tires weigh approximately 30-40 lbs. A 2 pack.

can i run these on a normal road tire that has been used with a rim protector? i heard it wouldn’t be safe to hammer on a regular rubber product, which these aren’t. but if they were hammerable and not unsafe, would it change anything about them? or what am i looking for? –

CrossFit coach answers: Great Question! I have ran many treaded tires as rim protectors without any problems at all! In fact some times you can see more traction from those tires as they have added weight for protection against rocks, etc.. Its all up to you and how your crazy haha!! Go crazy !! You can tighten those things down quite a bit on pavement before it wears out!!! Check this link out for further insight

How To Protect My Open Blisters During Crossfit?

Don’t stretch the skin around the open blister by ‘picking’ at it. It will probably get inflamed due to friction, but also, you are more likely to rip or tear something. Just wait until the blister has closed on its own. And of course make sure your fingers are clean, with no bacteria present! How Much Does A Crossfit Open Wound Feel? It doesn’t feel that bad. Usually, if you touch it or grab at it there is a little blood there. But once part of the open wound has healed over again, you won’t be able to really feel your finger at all! If you can still feel your finger below the surface – then make sure to apply a bandage underneath and not let any air between before going through a training day or two without touching yourself… massage oils do help protect against painful micro-trauma though.

More than a gym

how much do the large crossfit tires weigh?


, the gym is a functional space for working out. You’ll no doubt meet all kinds of people who come for different reasons, but shared shared goals are what unite us. Sure, some peeps might be jonesing to bust them abs, others to focus on hitting PRs, others just struggling with the first week of the New Year’s Resolution… but that’s okay. Realization that they’re not alone was one of the best parts of my CrossFit experience. And fortunately enough, I found an uncharacteristic acceptance and tolerance of everyone else there at least trying to get better proneylike this time around (after years plagued by “this-is-the-one-that-changed everything!”). The greatest part though? Being surrounded by folks who actually wanted me there helps ground anyone coming back after an extended hiatus (upwards of four months!) like myself; it doesn’t take long before you realize that leaving your new favorite fit family feels wrong in more ways than one.