How Much Do Crossfit Coaches Get Paid A Year?

CrossFit is a big business. CrossFit Inc, the San Diego-based umbrella group for affiliates, had revenues of $81 million in 2014, three times its revenue in 2011. That’s an increase of nearly 4X in five years.

The growth comes at a time when fitness trainers are increasingly being criticised for their fees to clients who frequently complain that they are not getting their money’s worth. A quick look online shows people saying they have wasted hundreds, if not thousands of pounds to get fit only to discover it was just too expensive.

This is where it gets interesting – despite what you may read in the press or hear on social media about CrossFit costing UK workers thousands each year, our research shows there are no fixed commission rates between affiliate owners and gym owners across the UK. There aren’t even fixed commissions for individual gyms either. The range can run from 8% to 100%.

Do You Know How You Can Tell When Some One Does Crossfit?

BODYBUILDING- This one I’ve been asked a lot by women. And the answer is yes, you can tell. Chicks that normally look like they smoke and drink all day drop 30lbs of flab in a few short months yet never seem to get off their asses and actually start working out! Then you have chicks that look fit but only work out a couple hours a week or none at all, don’t ever see any results, and sadly end up fat as hell again. This is why it’s important to trust your instincts! If something seems WAY off about your new “fitness partner” take note… just because she always looks good doesn’t mean she works hard for it! It could be her job as an office worker or secretary that has allowed her to just live on fast food etc., so ask yourself what kind of work schedule she keeps going to if she wants to slim down? Or maybe this chick CAN workout hard but sure as heck isn’t doing so anymore.. Go with your gut instinct here people….always listen first before acting on anything new… wether it be a guy friend or girl friend 🙂 Well Guys That Is My Opinion On The Topic Of Men And Fitness!! Hope You Like It

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how much do crossfit coaches get paid a year?


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