How Much Crossfit For A 51 Year Old Man?

A doctor says I can’t run, because my knees are wrong. Should I go to CrossFit?

You should be fit enough that you can head up a hill or do other mobility-type activities without any thought of pain. The same goes for running, swimming, biking, etc. That being said… let your doctor know about your passion for CXWODs! Check out this article from the New York Times written by an experienced marathon runner about training for half marathons. Is it worth it? Maybe not, but I would at least get a baseline assessment of how physical work will affect the aging athlete who doesn’t want to run another 5k ever again. I’ll bet there are Rhabdo cases that have nary a clue right now what they are letting themselves in for down the road when they decide they want to be competitive in their sport after 50 years old 🙂

I can flat out sprint up hills and lift heavy weights…is crossfit bad though?

NO! But if you already think so because you read something on Reddit or something…you need to stop reading stories on Reddit and start listening to yourself instead 😉 Start slow with old school WODs (think Fran) then move into Sotts workout style stuff like Greg Glassman fitness model where it’s more circuit based stuff with lotsa variety in each session mixed in with skips, burpees , pushups…..

How To Apply Crossfit Level 1 Discount To Lululemon Online?

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how much crossfit for a 51 year old man?


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