How Many Women Registered For The Crossfit Games Open 2017?

Ok, fair enough. That’s an interesting question. I’ve done research on this question before (see the video above) and got some really interesting data about how most women are not participating in Crossfit Games. Even more interesting though are the reasons why they are NOT participating!

Here are my top five reasons why most women don’t participate in the Crossfit Games…they will blow your mind!

#1 – Most Women Think They Don’t Have It In Them To Compete At A Level Of The Games Program An Olympic Weightlifting Program As Well As Men Do! FOR REAL?!?! WELL WHAT ABOUT THESE DETAILS…women have pulled half of what men have EVER pulled at ANY time in history!! If you aren’t competing with men, let me tell you something . . . You are doing great!! 🙂 My wife is one of those people who has been struggling to find her edge for years. She would NEVER compete with men since she didn’t think she had it in her to lift as heavy as them or spin as many times or torso dips as them or whatever ‘chick thing that nobody else can do but chicks lolzzzzzzzz. She wouldn’t even come close!!! But then one day she made a breakthrough moment where God helped her see that HE had given HER CROSSFIT STAR POWER by allowing her to be able to bring up and

What Age Can You Actively Compete In Crossfit Games?

When you train for the CrossFit Games, you’re training to compete in one of five different events. There are three individual competitions and two team competitions. Each has its own criteria for entry, so your age is not relevant to an active participation. All competitors must be at least 17 years old during the time period they wish to enter the Games. CrossFit Kids Competitions The top five male and female finishers from each event who competed during the Open/Founder’s Week will receive invitations to compete in the first annual “CrossFit Kids” competition(s) hosted by USA Weightlifting at this year’s Reebok CrossFit Games season. Leading up to that first competition, athletes may register online here . After that, look for information about registration there as well as on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram or YouTube . If you have children interested in competing but don’t see your region listed yet, feel free to contact us regarding getting it added below! For more information about our youth programs , please email Fit Kids are 2-12 years old (Please note: registration for this competition does not include cost of extra fees associated with attending). Fit Teens are 13-18 years old (Please note: there is no separate registration fee required if registered youth athlete is under 13). These zones have been set according to past experience with these groups across various venues throughout North America. The fit kids event will be held at the Max Performance Complex April

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how many women registered for the crossfit games open 2017?


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