How Many Top Athletes Go To Regionals Crossfit?

Crossfit aims to exercise at 70% intensity 90-100% of the time. Are there athletes who go further than that? Yes, but only if their sport requires them! The goal is sustained effort over an extended period of time. If you can’t sustain 70% for very long, don’t be surprised if your score falls off the deeper you are in the program. After all, what’s really being tested is whether or not you have enough strength, endurance and power to do something effectively for a long period of time. That’s much different than doing maximum weights repeatedly at 80%.

So don’t let yourself get caught up in making excuses about not being able to follow through on the workout description because people loved it or “hit it hard”. You aren’t being tested on how well we did during workouts we did lightly; we’re just trying to determine if we can tolerate demand and generate power and force without getting exhausted too fast and breaking our focus during intense stretches. And everybody agrees that starting out blindly with no expectations and then finding out exactly what they can do without any preconceived notion is one of the most valuable experiences CrossFit teaches us!

Training 3 Days A Week How Long To Get Used To Crossfit?

Crossfit is a personal journey. It’s not one you can do by week, or even month! The best way to succeed at crossfit is to work your but off. A 1000 mile trek into the wilderness that is crossfit takes dedication and time . Take it easy….. start slow, be consistent….and don’t give up on yourself. This will help you become fit enough for crossfit. CrossFit is about pushing yourself without giving up, no matter how hard things are getting. Don’t concern yourself with what others are doing…Only focus on working out….movement without strain leads to injury! 7 Tips To Get Started With CrossFit Beginners Guide I would love to hear from you with any questions, suggestions or comments please let me know in the comment section below! Don’t forget I have top notch professional assistance available upon request including free coaching calls 🙂 Happy Nerdy Training everyone! KXB

how many top athletes go to regionals crossfit?


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