How Many Times Has Mat Fraser Won The Crossfit Games?

Strength: Mat Fraser is the only person to win the CrossFit Games 3 times (2015, 2016 and 2017). However, he appeared in 7 games (2012 – 2014) before winning his first title.

In addition to winning this year’s season 14 OPEN-winning the competition with Drew LeBlanc as his coaching team. Source: Instagram/matfraser14 Source: Instagram/matfraser14 Source: Instagram/matfraser14 Source: Twitter Source: Twitter Source: Twitter Source: Twitter

Why is Mat Fraser so loved?

Strength-wise, Mat Fraser has a bright future ahead of him. He placed 3rd in 2015, 9th in 2016 and 3rd last year. His performance at the Middle East Open proves that finishing top 10 at one of the region’s biggest strength contests isn’t an impossibility for this man!

His athletic ability is wicked from what we saw during his inter-squad workouts! In the end it all boiled down to who was most connected with their community which you can clearly see by what happened during Aussie Strongman events – he had a bad attitude towards everything going on around him! It proved difficult for coach Seb to keep him focused enough on putting meathods into practice! We need more of these bad boy types on our teams driven by a want of unity between Team Australia members…stronger #Unity @crossfitaus #DrewLeBlanc #Team

How Long Does It Take To Get Good At Crossfit?

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What Happened in 2020

how many times has mat fraser won the crossfit games?


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