How Many Peoplein The World Are Killed Doing Crossfit Everyday?

Do you think most of them are fat chicks? This is a great idea, It’s not often that people listen to me when I say something…. BUT! I can’t do Crossfit in a full apron and a shirt with sleeves. Not because I’m afraid they’ll run my nipples off, but mainly because there’s no way in hell they’d let my shoulders get any bigger! ….. Make sure the guy doing the crossfit is wearing gloves or he will have one death grip on you after another….. Matter of fact, if your hubby signs up for this, grab him umpteen balls and don’t let go from now until he comes back from class every day 🙂

In case you haven’t seen this yet…..This crossfitter has got some issues:

How To Get To Doing Crossfit For A Living?

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how many peoplein the world are killed doing crossfit everyday?


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