How Many People Signed Up For The Crossfit Open?


The website asked me to give my age in lieu of an age group, which was totally fine by me. I gave it all the details they requested then hit submit. I saw that I was training for a 100m sprint, then noted that this must mean that I’ll be too slow for open! But alas…It was luck of the draw.

I said goodbye to my fiancé and biked down to the bus stop to fetch mum before she begins her shift at 5am when the doors opened. It took about twenty minutes to cycle there because of traffic, but since this is where we live it wasn’t too big of an issue! As soon as Mum entered the building, she accosted someone who just got off a call with 8 minutes left AND didn’t realise he would get called back in 30 seconds…This meant that mum had about 7 minutes just after signing up to get all her belongings weighed & sized so she could get ready not only for today but also tomorrow(as part of their open series). She was told there were fourteen other people competing against her so hopefully she would get one of the invited spots! Try telling mum these things are skewed though 😓 Some time passed and mum found us sitting on some seating waiting impatiently, chatting away incessantly about what we would do if we qualified (today!) or talked about how sweet our engagement photos were gonna turn out (one day!). Just like everyone

How To View Custom Leader Boards Crossfit Games?

Step 1: Open your CrossFit Games app on your phone or tablet Step 2: Tap “Notifications” or “Feed” at the bottom of the screen Step 3: Select the “Leaderboards” icon (the gear icon) Where do I find my personal best score? You can see your personal best score in the upper right corner of each workout window. To get to that window, click on “My Workouts”, select a workout and then scroll down to see your name at the top. There you will see your PR for that WOD. How do I permanently save my times? Show me! On multiplayer games, this feature allows friends who join public games to join them later using either their original profile time or their custom time set while signed in with an account. If you’re playing all by yourself, it works just like saving workouts—just create a game with any details you want and then choose “Save Me Without Joining” when creating the game. How does multiplayer show up on Xbox One? When playing with others via party chat on Xbox Live, is what appears in chat windows for everyone involved in matchmaking parties to view during gameplay. On PC versions, leaderboard scores are always visible online through our website’s web portal at Our mobile apps will use crossfitgames-mobileclient2/. Is there a minimum number of people required

how many people signed up for the crossfit open?


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