How Many People Make It To Northwest Regional Crossfit?

What is a 10k?

The half marathon distance of 26.2 miles, known as the “10K” in running circles, or 18 miles if going off road. The course has been certified for World Marathon Majors races and world cups. In 2011 it will be part of the Rock ‘n Bust, which includes a half marathon on Sunday, May 5th followed by a full marathon across an 4 states on Sunday the 12th under the new name “Rock n Run Wild West” at 100%+ elevation in Flagstaff AZ (yes it will still be in May). More information can be found here:!the-race/c9bu .

Why do we run?

Reasons Why Crossfit Is Bad For The Community?

Crossfitters have a mindset of winning, and they don’t care about being friendly with the community. “It started out as a way to motivate myself, but I noticed my attitude changed towards the gym members after my family died,” said one greyhound owner. “I tended to say things that made others feel bad because I was focused on improving my physical fitness. After losing two close family members in separate incidents five years apart, I really lost a lot of friends at the gym. Over time it got worse and worse until no one wanted to be around me or talk to me anymore. This is not what you want your athletes coming from another gymlife with an overall positive approach going into your gym program!” Another greyhound owner talked about her experience as well: “My puppy showed up with his ear pricked and discolored from an unknown event prior to arriving here at our site… He now has three puncture wounds over his back from these spines getting caught on equipment caused by off property activities which sits directly behind our cage area. There are four large frogs located across the road just beyond wooded terrain hidden amongst tall trees which smells like feces camping out there overnight.. Our facility keeps hearing noises late at night still within sight of our window which makes us very nervous everyday since we found this situation . We recently relocated to this park 10 months ago knowing full well there were other greyhounds you cannot leave un

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how many people make it to northwest regional crossfit?


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