How Many People Have Been Paralyzed From Crossfit?

What about the ones that died?

How many people have broken bones because of crossfit?

Right now I’m not concerned or worried.

I think it’s awesome!

I see this for what it is now – a “tribe” that has to conform to someone else’s rules and expectations, just like any other tribe. The only difference is that this tribe doesn’t talk about sisters, brothers, cousins, spouses, moms or dads or anything else. It talks about how strong you are and how much endurance training you’ve gotten in at your desk job/garage band business. Having learned this for myself over the last few years, I am happy for all those runners, boxers and lifters who seek out CF to give themselves better fuel without feeling guilty because they’re clearly doing something right themselves.

You know what would be awesome? If everyone felt empowered enough to knock down the walls of their own little “hivemind” instead of trying to fit into an alien subculture built solely around avoiding mistakes rather than self-improvement. Of course if somehow all these social influences died tomorrow I’d probably still be doing crossfit…which itself feels empowering/challenging/exciting so there’s no doubt I’d feel better if everybody actually could shut up long enough for me to work on my shoulder muscle again…

What To Do If Your Crossfit Programming Sucks?

This is the ultimate tip for your coaching career, or any other training career really. Following a program someone else has written, regardless of how brilliant said program may be, will almost ensure that you’re not going to get results. What you need to do is find your own personal programming formula that works for you and then create your own coaching style around that. I’m not saying this is easy but it sure does give you plenty of control over what happens without having to watch out for someone telling you what day to train on every week so they can sell more DVD’s! None of us want or need another one of those things in our lives! Once You Have A Program That Works For You If however when creating your individualized programming strategy online programs are still sounding too clinical too basic then I think it is time to consider why that might be. Maybe when attempting something new it doesn’t feel quite right yet? Maybe because the workouts are becoming predictable? Perhaps there’s no mystery in knowing exactly when all the work needs doing and where it needs done? If this last point sounds familiar then it might well be worth finding out why this feels like happening before moving on with your learning process…..

CrossFit Games 2020: Sara Sigmundsdottir explains her poor performance in opening round, cites shin injury and cortisol issue

how many people have been paralyzed from crossfit?


2018 Games: Sara Sigmundsdottir finished 9th in the Women’s Open. She had an impressive squat of 184 kg, 500 lbs. Her deadlift of 148 kg at 139 reps was also impressive, but failed to get accepted by the judges on that lift due to being over 6 seconds out of time so she did not receive a score for it. The rest of her lifts were equally good, but her total was only 505 points, meaning she finished 9th overall for this event despite being ranked 5th in 2013 or 4th in 2014. After qualifying for the 2018 CrossFit Open afterwards, she did much better and ended up finishing 3rd overall with a save position at 55kg/121lbs.