How Many People Get Into The Crossfit Games?

Crossfit is for everyone and we look forward to welcoming back everyone who was unable to participate this year. We’ve always been very transparent about our numbers, so we will once again be posting those numbers on the CrossFit Games website as soon as possible. However, if there is anything you would like us to share more specifically than “how many people get into the games?”, please let us know at

Alright! Now what?!

The teams that won Qualification will now use their Regional ranking information to find out who they will be competing against in 2018 across all 12 events… next week! The top 50 individuals and teams from each Region (10 per Region) from 2017 will earn a spot in the CrossFit Open—the ultimate opportunity for lifelong athletes to test themselves against the best of the best from around the world—in person, live at Madison Square Garden in New York City during The Opening weekend on August 31st – September 2nd.] In addition, over 100 open-entries will compete at Regional competitions next summer with another 40 going directly into The Open field. Finally, top athletes from both groups not already qualified will compete amongst each other live online during a separate event later that month ostensibly titled “The Last Chance Invitational” which kicks off a month full of events culminating with the CrossFit Games itself.

What Can I Do With My Crossfit Level 1?

If you are interested in Crossfit, the first thing is to get your certification. You want to make sure that you can do it properly, and not hurt yourself or cause others pain. These are things that I myself didn’t think of until I did my Crossfit Level 1 training. These are things like using proper form for lifts (not putting too much weight on the bar,) following the movements through out, and always having safety in mind when doing an exercise. If there ever was a good way to learn a skill, this is definitely it! And seeing that healthy body in shorts and a tank top pushing heavy weights around will keep you going day after day! For what they say “It’s All In The Mind…”

13 Best ASICS CrossFit Shoes [2021 Reviews]

how many people get into the crossfit games?


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